Albert Albala

[en] [fr] Web developer and international development project manager.

Albert Albala specializes in quality control automation for web projects using open source code. Hi is a board member of Terre des jeunes and Bioénergie Haïti, two non-profits whose goal is local empowerment through sustainable development, large-scale access to environmetal technologies, and reduction of greenhouse gases through methane gas management. He write on his blog, Dcycle. He lives in Montreal with his family.

2017-: field operations manager, Terre des jeunes transnational

In this role, his task is to supervise, with Terre des jeunes's partner Biothermica, the management of field operations of Bioénergie Haïti and the Bioénergie Togo committee; set up a verifiable multi-currency accounting system; provide remote support and capacity building for accountants and general managers of field operations.

2012-: board member, Bioénergie Haïti

Bioénergie Haïti ( was founded in 2012 by Biothermica Technologies Inc (Canada), Terre des jeunes transnational (Canada) and terre des jeunes Gonaïves (Haïti). Bioénergie Haïti (BEH) is a technological nonprofit which is active in the Artibonite region of Haïti. Its goal is to gradually ramp up waste collection, management, and monetization through energy production and methane gas destruction, thus contributing to sustainable development and climate change attenuation. See

1999-: Terre des jeunes board member

Terre des jeunes ( is network for volunteer-based community groups active in sustainable development and democratic access to clean technology, and a founding member of Bioénergie Haïti. See

2016-: Dcycle

Dcycle was launched with the aim of helping Drupal development teams transition toward best practices including automated testing and continuous integration.

2015-2016: The Linux Foundation

He was brought on to the Linux Foundation based in San Francisco to introduce automated testing, continuous integration and automated deployments for various high-traffic Linux Foundation properties including,

2014: CGI

He was a senior Drupal developer at CGI and helped build automated tests and set up a continous integration and automated deployment platform based on Jenkins for the Drupal team at CGI, and worked on the 24 heures Tremblant website. In addition, he helped the Drupal team at CGI transition to Agile with two-week sprints.


In 2013 at tp1 he was a lead Drupal developer on the website, winner in 2014 of the "Acquia Partner Site of the Year - Transit Category" announced at DrupalCon Austin.


He started out with Drupal and other open source technologies as a consultant and partner-founder of Mediatribe, and as a Drupal developer at Koumbit, the first Drupal shop in Canada, where he helped standardize development procedures.

Talks, papers, contributions

In addition to maintaining several Drupal and Github projects, he is the author of the chapter "Automated testing with Simpletest" in the Definitive guide to Drupal 7 (Apress). He is a regular speaker in Drupal and Agile-related events, among them:

References available on request. Contact him on Twitter or LinkedIn

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